I have been incredibly lucky to have travelled around the world on photography assignments, but India had always been one place that remained un-ticked on my bucket list… until last year! I was spell-bound by the country, falling instantly in love with the colours, the people, the culture.

Infact, 2015 held a great deal of Indian spice in one way or another. Two multi-day Indian weddings hosted in the UK, an incredible 5 day adventure assignment in Rajasthan (blog post to feature shortly), and a beautiful, romantic engagement shoot for a India & Vik

India & Vik are clearly very much in love, and are such a warm and kind couple. They are a joy to be around. The morning was spent having fun at the Isabella Plantations in Richmond Park, then after a short break for lunch, we headed over to Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire (one of my favourite venues!) for an afternoon of more love and laughter.