Better Together… The Queen of Cakes, Peggy Porschen



It’s not often the leading role in our blogs is a cake, but this is no ordinary cake – it’s a Peggy Porschen Cake with a story of its own to tell.

So, up next on our “Better Together” podium is the award-winning cake designer Peggy Porschen, who alongside her husband Bryn Morrow, head up one of the UK’s leading cake companies. Based in Belgravia, London, their client list extends to Kate Moss and Sir Elton John, to Stella McCartney, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sting, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow to name only a few. For anyone looking for a truly exceptional work of edible art, Peggy Porschen is the name to seek out.

At Peggy Porschen Cakes we believe in a truly personal approach. We recognise that such an important celebration deserves a very special cake and that is why we go to great lengths to create the wedding cake of our client’s dreams. We are renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant designs that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious, I realise that the couple is looking for a once in a lifetime cake and I aim to tailor each cake to suit the individual occasion and couple.

We had the privilege of working with Peggy last summer on a beautiful wedding in St. Tropez. Organized by the phenomenal Sarah Haywood, the client expected the very best of the best.  So over to Peggy to tell us a little more….

I was asked to create a five tier wedding cake decorated with a breath-taking display of hand-crafted sugar flowers featuring opulent blush pink roses, vintage green hydrangea clusters, stephanotis blossoms and pale pink spray roses to reflect the bride’s fresh flowers which would be decorating the venue. The cake was intended as a centre-piece so it had to be spectacular.

We had to create a large spectacular cake that was transportable by private jet to the South of France. The flowers had to be securely positioned on the cake and the tiers had to be securely stacked and structurally very strong to withstand any unstable moments in its journey. We transported the cake in a custom built snug box with non-slip matting. We had to allow extra time with this cake delivery in order to pass through airport security and our van was given a ‘yellow light’ security escort onto the airfield. Unfortunately the cake was too large in its delivery box to fit through the plane’s bulkhead, we tried removing the cake from its box and got it through the plane’s door, however, we were still unable to securely stow it. Eventually the airport staff were able to lend a cargo belt and we slowly and carefully lifted the cake into the plane through the rear door above the wing.

I couldn’t resist asking Peggy what her most challenging assignment has been.

Our most recent challenging assignment involved me and a team of chefs being flown out to a top secret location abroad to create an enormous seven tier, lace and sugar flower adorned wedding cake on site. We had one week in extreme heat and with heavy security to bake and decorate the wedding cake as well as cupcakes and ornate hand-piped cookies for all of the guests. It all turned out beautifully and the bride and groom were very happy, the cake eventually featured in Russian Tatler and I was incredibly proud.

Look out for the full feature on this wedding in the new year!