Back in April we made a rare trip into London for an eShoot. It was great to be back in our old stomping ground, if only for a short while and our couple, Shannon & Bryce, were great to work with.

The shoot started at City Hall on the South Bank and the plan was to slowly make our way east down the river. I say plan as it wasn’t long before we were accosted by a security guard for the More London estate who wouldn’t let us photograph in the area. Suddenly we were faced with a tricky situation and had to think on our feet. It was quite cool though as it wasn’t long before we were being flanked by at least three security guards, all talking into their ear pieces and the shoot became a bit of a gorilla affair. Luckily, Shannon and Bryce were up for an adventure. We drew on our extensive experience of watching the Bourne Trilogy (at least twice) and managed to dodge a few bullets (well evil looks at least) and ducked down a few alleyways, before reappearing back by the river to complete our own Mission Impossible.

The whole situation with photography in London is such a grey area. Yes we are professional photographers but the nature of the shoot really didn’t require a permit (in our opinion anyway). If you have any experiences that you’d like to share please do leave a comment.

At least our adventure was worth it and here are a few of our favourite shots.

Shannon and Bryce’s wedding was held at Wrotham Park, coordinated by the lovely Erika at Flutterfly Events and decorated by the fantastic Simon and Vicky from Euphoric flowers. It was an amazing day and we’ll blog the images very soon.