LIFE is quite simply the most beautiful photographic book in the world. Couples come from all over the globe to experience this totally bespoke work of art. More than just a photobook, LIFE is a collection of all your wedding memories compiled into a unique work of art.

No matter how hard we try to hold on to them, our memories fade in time. Your own version of LIFE will be a book that preserves the memories you want to live on forever. It will be the home for your wedding photographs for the rest of your life and the lives of your family in years to come. For that reason we put every skill, every ounce of passion and care, into making this book so much more than special.
We created LIFE in 2009 and it took us over a year to fine tune what is now considered one of the best wedding books available, by some of the most highly regarded wedding professionals in the industry.


    LIFE is a piece of art rather than just a photo album or coffee table book. It is an inspirational collection of images and keepsakes of your journey. It is commissioned by you and it is custom designed and made by us.



    Every new version of LIFE that we create is pure luxury, made by hand in the UK by masters in the craft of bookmaking, using traditional techniques with the very best archive quality inks and highest standard papers.



    Every aspect of LIFE can be customised, making sure your own copy represents you and captures the essence of your wedding or event. It's a really fun process with something wonderful at the end!



“Where there is love, there is LIFE.”