LIFE – Our Luxury Wedding Book

LIFE is quite simply the most beautiful photographic book in the world. Couples come from all over the globe to experience this totally bespoke work of art. More than just a photobook, LIFE is a collection of all your wedding memories compiled into a unique work of art.

No matter how hard we try to hold on to them, our memories fade in time. Your own version of LIFE will be a book that preserves the memories you want to live on forever. It will be the home for your wedding photographs for the rest of your life and the lives of your family in years to come. For that reason we put every skill, every ounce of passion and care, into making this book so much more than special.
We created LIFE in 2009 and it took us over a year to fine tune what is now considered one of the best wedding books available, by some of the most highly regarded wedding professionals in the industry.


    LIFE is a piece of art rather than just a photo album or coffee table book. It is an inspirational collection of images and keepsakes of your journey. It is commissioned by you and it is custom designed and made by us.



    Every new version of LIFE that we create is pure luxury, made by hand in the UK by masters in the craft of bookmaking, using traditional techniques with the very best archive quality inks and highest standard papers.



    Every aspect of LIFE can be customised, making sure your own copy represents you and captures the essence of your wedding or event. It's a really fun process with something wonderful at the end!

LIFE Design Service

As well as creating books for our wedding and event clients, we also offer our LIFE Design Service for anyone else who’d like their very own luxurious copy of LIFE to preserve the memories of their very own celebration.

Do you only have digital files to remember your day?

If you’ve had your wedding and have your photographs sitting around doing nothing, then why not let us design your very own luxurious book. We hear all the time how couples have had a digital only photography package, with the intent of creating a wedding album/book further down the line. Of course, day to day life gets in the way and very often the album/book never gets made. Well now you have the option, not only to have us create a book for you, but to have us create the most amazing book you have ever seen. LIFE is truly the most beautiful, bespoke wedding book.

What goes into the book?

We don’t just put your photographs in there. We can include any details from your celebration like invitations; order of service; menus; speeches; song lyrics etc. This is not a photo book, your LIFE book is a super special, beautifully designed, story of your celebration.

How does the LIFE Design Service work?

We start by having a call with you, to go through all the options that are available for your book. To be honest the sky is the limit and dependent only on your budget. We can create anything in the book world that you can think of. What’s important to us is that your book is totally and truly unique. It’s your very own bespoke heirloom, designed to tell the story of your very special celebration.

After our first briefing we start the exiting process of designing your book. This stage takes about 4 weeks and once done we send you the first PDF draft of your book for review. We then normally go through a few stages of edits before finalising the book for print.

We work closely with our printer and binder to make sure your book is perfect. Ian is very often there on press when your pages come of the printer to QC everything. Once printed, your pages are sent on to the book binder where your pages are stitched together and your beautiful hand made book comes to LIFE.



“Where there is love, there is LIFE.”