With all the rain we’ve been having over the past week, I thought it was an ideal time for us to feature one of our weddings from last summer. This may seem like a rather odd connection, but there is relevance, I promise!

Charlotte and Geoff got married on 16th July. A time of year that you would expect to be blessed with glorious summer sunshine.

Well, it wasn’t.

The day started with rain. Not just any rain, torrential rain that had no intention of going away. While I photographed Charlotte and the girls getting ready, her father stared out the window in despair. Everything down to the most meticulous detail had been organised. Everything except the weather.

The giant bouncy castle (that had been booked for adults only) was cancelled and as the hours passed, the rain continued. The met office website was constantly refreshed on the laptop in the kitchen, in the hope that by some miracle the forecast would suddenly change from the line of heavy rain symbols to bright sunshine.

As I left the house for Stowe School, the rain was still lashing down and continued to do so on my arrival.

Moments after, the bridal party arrived, greeted by huge umbrellas. The ceremony started.

And then the miracle happened…

The rain stopped, and the sun started breaking through the dark grey sky. By the time Charlotte & Geoff had said their vows, the sky had transformed into a palette of brilliant blue with dots of white fluffy clouds. The kind of sky you paint as a child. It was glorious.

And it stayed like that until the sun set.

The bouncy castle never did make its appearance, but I doubt it was ever missed. Charlotte and Geoff’s wedding day was magical. Full of fun and games, happiness and so so much laughter…