We’re so excited to have the opportunity to pass on our experience and knowledge to help others have the photography business of their dreams!



Pippa MackenzieAfter completing my degree in Education and The Arts I landed my dream job with The Discovery Channel.

Within 5 years I had worked my way up from PA to Producer. I desperately wanted to travel and somehow, don’t ask me how, I managed to convince The Discovery Channel to fund a 10 month trip around the world! During this time I had the amazing opportunity to travel to some of the most remote parts of our wonderful planet, photographing and documenting my adventures.

On my return, my career in documentaries continued and I spent the next 3 years producing the double BAFTA award winning series Michaela’s Wild Challenge. How lucky was I to again get the opportunity to travel the world documenting some of the worlds most spectacular wildlife!

Then everything changed…

Whilst planning my wedding to Ian, it suddenly hit me that I’d achieved everything I wanted to in TV. I now wanted to follow a career in photography, or more specifically, wedding photography.

I’ve always been a storyteller and it felt the most natural step.

Since 2005, I’ve had the privilege to photograph many extraordinary stories. My favourites being a 3 day wedding in The Serengeti and a very special 4 day birthday celebration in Rajasthan.

I’m incredibly proud of what Ian and I have created together. It has been, and continues to be, an extraordinary journey and one which I know holds many more adventures. Along the way we’ve learnt so much, not just from our successes but also from our mistakes. We’re so excited now to have the opportunity to pass on our experience to help others have the career of their dreams. Trust us, it can happen to you too!



Ian HearnshawAfter graduating with a university degree in TV, Film and Photography, I went on to work in the TV and Film industry on dramas and short films.

Not feeling fulfilled, I moved into the world of graphic and multi-media design. For many years I enjoyed the freedom of being a freelance designer and photographer in London, working in the corporate sector for a number of large banks and law firms.

I then worked for 9 years at Linklaters, one of the largest law firms in the world, heading up their in-house design team. With 30 global offices, I travelled extensively worldwide taking photographs for the firm’s marketing department.

For me, the big change came in 2009…

I had the amazing opportunity to leave the daily commute into the City, and join Pippa at Pippa Mackenzie Photography. After some really long discussions on the sofa, we realised that our combined skills and experience could create something truly remarkable. It was a huge gamble but it really has paid off! It was the best decision I’ve ever made!

As a photographer, I’ve had some amazing adventures. My favourite story? It has to be documenting a 10th wedding anniversary celebration which began on the Orient Express, travelling from Paris to Lake Como where the party continued for 2 days at Villa D’Este and Villa del Balbianello.

My greatest passion is creating and realising ideas. My years of experience in design and branding has helped shape the identity of Pippa Mackenzie Photography. I’ve been personally responsible for developing our brands and have designed all our marketing material and developed all our websites.

I’m a problem solver too! Over the years, as every business does, we’ve been up against many hurdles and I always take it as a personal challenge to work through them. I’m so looking forwards to now helping others face their own challenges and be the very best they can be!

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